A significant growth opportunity for sports streaming: Where is it most prevalent?

Over the years, sports broadcasting has changed. While live event streaming platforms were everywhere, they lately gained popularity. More and more people are cutting their cable cords and taking. As a result, more and more people are turning to stream services.So far, data gathering for the Global Fan Profiles has been completed every week, and it has entailed collecting the responses of over 70,000 customers worldwide about their interest in sports. This considerable sample size now allows us to provide detailed and relevant in-depth analyses on titles, leagues, tournaments, teams, and brands that people follow.

What YouGov’s data have shown?

  • Based on YouGov’s market research, China’s sports fans consume sports events, either live or on the internet, in higher numbers than any other market. These findings come as more and more people access digital live sports due to rising internet usage in a country with more than a billion mobile internet users.
  • Demand for live sports, especially in places where people avoid attending sporting events due to the coronavirus, is quite strong. The data indicate that the audience for online sports in Indonesia and Taiwan, for example, is slightly behind that of China. YouGov data shows a decrease in live TV viewership, but not an inevitable one. Watching live TV is the most popular in every market, and it is much more prevalent in Singapore and Sweden, where people now prefer to stream on the internet rather than watch on television.
  • In South America, including Peru, Colombia, and Brazil, the traditional live TV audience is excellent. Still, the online audience is barely above average, demonstrating a healthy interest in both channels.
  • While live-stream sports consumption in many European areas is not as typical as in North America, it is rising. A quarter of the population of the UK claims to be streaming sports. Fascinating insights occur in Italy (25%), Finland (22%), and Spain (22%).
  • North American users are making use of live streaming of sports from sites like sportsurge in the same way. Only 17% of American sports enthusiasts live-stream events, as do 23% of Canadian sports fans. However, 36% of Mexican sports enthusiasts live-stream their favorite games online.

Because customers have more options to stream television without a typical cable subscription, statistics in the United States will likely climb.Additionally, the Global fan data, available in 38 different markets, shows how fans use other media to stay current with sports. For example, around a third of our global sample watched the same television programs many times. Furthermore, research conducted on audiences across age groups indicates that people consistently watch highlights of their favorite TV shows.

Sports fans tend to follow media consumption patterns like the rest of the population. In addition, younger users are more willing to follow their favorite sports games via networking sites like sportsurge, digitally, or via a mobile app. In comparison, older users are more likely to look for information about their favorite sports on a newspaper or radio.

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