Is eBet Asia’s answer to Evolution Gaming?

The rise in online gaming and online live betting space exploded in 2020 and 2021, with one of the biggest factors being the Covid-19 pandemic. This growth is only expected to continue, as well, with the market estimated to be worth over 112 billion by 2025

Experts predict that previously untapped markets such as Asia will drive online casinos to further expansion and success, offering customers more options and choices in their betting than ever before. 

One such online gaming company that is set to take the Asian market by storm is eBet. Players and online casino experts are already drawing comparisons with eBet and the highly popular online gaming company, Evolution Gaming. 

In this article, we’ll explain the two and what they offer in terms of user experience and overall gaming satisfaction. 

Evolution Gaming and eBet 

Evolution Gaming is one of the leading video-streamed live dealer platforms in the world. They have dedicated studios in Malta and Riga where games can be live-streamed, and then audiences and players can join in from their laptops, mobiles or tablets. 

It offers a multi-faceted and sensory experience for its players, meaning they can feel closer to the action than ever before. Whereas some online casinos can be limited in their range of gaming options, Evolution Gaming has something for everyone, with live Blackjack, Texas Hold’em, Baccarat, Live Roulette and more. 

This is the same experience that eBet is now providing for its users; however, they are even going one step further. With the Asian market such an up-and-coming entity, it’s important to appeal to potential customers and give a seamless and easy-to-use system. 

eBet gives the online live casino experience of multiple Baccarat games, with a betting/wagering time of 30 seconds intervals, with players also being able to add 10 seconds to the clock. This optimizes the user experience and ensures that the customer experiences the best an online casino can offer. 

Benefits of using eBet as a casino platform 

eBet Games offers its customers a ‘fun’ mode, meaning you are able to try out all the games for free before depositing any money. This allows users to get to grips with the games first, see how the platform works and then figure out their strategy. 

With its partnership with Bitcoin Casino, users can easily deposit, transfer and play with their crypto, unlike other casino platforms which can be more complicated. There’s also the opportunity to play for a share of big Bitcoin prizes that are offered regularly through different games and tournaments. 

eBet also has great graphics, eye-catching designs and a fully immersive live casino experience, meaning that its users can fully feel like they’re in a glamorous casino setting. 

What to expect with eBet and the Asian Market 

Over the next couple of years, eBet is expected to firmly cement itself as a leading gaming company in many Asia countries, even more than it already is. As Evolution Gaming took hold in Turkey and other countries in Europe, it’s looking as if eBet will follow a similar trajectory in Asia. 

With that in mind, why not take a look at eBet and see what online live casino games you can play today?

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