Is It Still Worth The Effort To Go To A Cricket Stadium?

While going to a stadium to watch a cricket match and watching the game on your TV are two very different experiences and cannot be compared. Although both of them have their pros and cons, and you can check the live scores easily in both options; watching a cricket match on TV certainly has more advantages than its counterpart.

Here are some of the advantages that watching a match on TV has over a stadium match:

  • Live commentary – When you watch a match on TV or your phone, you find out the scores live along with every move of the players on the field. The live commentary makes the game much more lively than if you were to simply watch it. You get a detailed analysis of the match in the live remarks. For those who love the cricket commentary that we hear during the live match, watching the game on TV is the better option.
  • Cost-Effective – Unfortunately, the cost of a ticket to watch a cricket match in the stadium is extremely high. A lot of people cannot afford to watch it in the stadium. They would prefer to catch the live score on their phones for free than spend thousands of rupees on a single ticket. The ticket may be more expensive depending on the teams playing and the day of the week.
  • Saves Time – Travelling to the stadium and then coming back home is time-consuming. To watch a live cricket match, people travel from various states and spend exorbitant amounts of money on stadium tickets and travelling. To watch a game that starts at 7 pm, one must arrive at the stadium at least an hour early and leave their home accordingly.
  • Action Replay – A brilliant six or an epic wicket can be viewed again with the help of action replay. You can watch it from different camera angles, and you can view it closely and inspect every aspect of the shot.
  • Live Score – You can watch live score cricket on your phone and keep track of the score with ease. It is easier to keep track of the game when the score is mentioned right below the screen. The runs, balls, wickets and overs are all mentioned on your screen. The required number of runs is also on the screen, and you do not have to remember them anymore.
  • Close-up View – A close-up view of the match and every player is visible on the TV. Although, that is not possible when you watch a match in the stadium. Even the best tickets will not be able to show you the view that will be possible with a camera. In this case, watching the match at home on your phone or TV is the best option.

Like it was previously mentioned, both options have their advantages as well as disadvantages. It mostly depends on your preference as to whether you would like to watch it with 50,000 other people or at home with your family as you lie on your couch.

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