Palm Springs is a tranquil city in California known for its numerous hiking venues, mid-century modern architecture, and casual relaxation.

It was quite well-known during the 1950-the 60s as the place where Hollywood stars could find some peace and relaxation, away from public scrutiny and prying paparazzi. It soon expanded to become one of the largest hotel-cities in the Valley.

The city is perhaps best known for the world-famous Coachella festival, although that is just the tip of the iceberg of what Palm Springs offers.

If you find yourself searching for “things to do in Palm Springs” or “best things to do in Palm Springs,” don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Here, we’ve put together a list of the best things to do in Palm Springs, so all you have to do is read through this article, pack your bags, get your sunscreen ready and be prepared to have the most amazing trip to Palm Springs!


Experience a thrilling adventure with your friends or family by checking out some of the best Escape Rooms in Palm Springs.

Escape Rooms are a team-based puzzle game where you are indoors and have to complete tasks and solve puzzles in order to “win” the game. Escape Rooms almost always have a theme or a story that pushes the game forward, much like video games. Players who have tried escape rooms have more often than not exclaimed that it is most definitely one of the best things to do in Palm Springs.

To make your experience easier, we’ve gathered the top 3 escape rooms in Palm Springs that you can check out:

  1. Bank Heist (Escape Room Palm Springs): In this escape room, you and your team are assigned to pull off a bank heist. You have to bypass the high-security systems, hack the computer and break into the vault; all before the police arrive!
  1. Titanic Room (Escape Room Palm Springs): In this iconic Titanic-themed escape room, you have to find the key to a lifeboat before the ill-fated Titanic meets its doom!
  1. Mutiny Skull Island (Escape Games at the River): Here, you can set sail with your crew and explore the mysteries of Skull Island a la Pirates of the Caribbean!

Check all your boxes for thrilling, adventurous, fun and extraordinary by visiting any of the escape rooms in Palm Springs!

Visit Joshua Tree National Park to view an unforgettable and magical landscape that will soothe your soul and reconnect you with our wonderful planet.

If you’re looking for something that is not limited to city-life and also will give you some of the best pictures of your life, visiting Joshua Tree National Park may just be the thing to do while in Palm Springs!

The otherworldly Yucca (a type of shrub) trees that gave the park its fame and trademark transport you to a mystical place that will make you appreciate our Earth all the more.

If you’re staying the night, you will be treated to an exceptional night-sky as the light pollution is significantly less in Joshua Tree. You can see shooting stars and millions of stars glittering away in the night sky; guaranteed to be one of the best star-gazing experiences that you will ever have!

If rugged mountains, vibrant sunsets, and an overall beautiful view are things that you enjoy, visiting Joshua Tree should absolutely be one thing to do in Palm Springs!

Experience the cliffs of the Chino Canyon through the eyes of a bird and soar through the air in the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway.

One of the must-do things in Palm Springs if you’ve ever wanted a glimpse of sky-diving without actually having to do it or if you simply enjoy spectacular views is the world’s largest rotating aerial tramway, the Palm Springs Tramway.

The 12-minute ride keeps rotating throughout the journey from the Sonoran Desert floor up to the Mountain Station. Once you reach the station, you can opt for one of various activities available such as the observation deck, the tram-history museum, their cocktail lounge, or dining. You can also hike (or ski in winter) in the humongous 14,000-acre Mt San Jacinto State Park and Wilderness area.

The gorgeous views that the tram offers coupled with the dining and lounge options that you can check out later, will definitely make the Palm Springs Aerial Tram one of the top items on your things to do in Palm Springs list!

Indulge in family-friendly fun while learning new things about animals who live in habitats so different than ours.

At the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, there’s something for everyone. People who like the floral side of nature can visit the botanical gardens, while those who love finding out about the unique animals that inhabit our planet can visit the zoo.

For those who are care about the environment and want to educate themselves, the zoo’s mission is desert conservation through preservation, education and appreciation; a perfect learning experience for the curious young ones.

So, if kids are a part of your group, or if you yourself enjoy being so closely connected to nature, visiting The Living Desert is the best thing to do in Palm Springs, for sure!

 Relax and enjoy your holiday or casual trip without all the planning and stress by driving through the Palm Springs Drive.

Spontaneous plans often end up being the best memories. Fuel the spontaneity and eat, play and shop to your heart’s desire! Visit the 1936-built Plaza theatre, and recall the Golden Age of Hollywood while you’re there!

Check out the V Palm Springs which is a mix of retro and contemporary motel culture. Lounge by the poolside, sip on their innovative cocktails and eat their gourmet menu. Easing up during a trip, especially when visiting such a happening place is something that people overlook when planning things to do in Palm Springs.

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