From Cricket to Hockey: A Brief History of Sport in Singapore

The earliest references to sports in Singapore date back to the 1850s. As a result, Singapore sports history is vast and colorful. British colonists introduced cricket, horse racing, and other sports to Singapore. The first local team was established in 1892 by the Singapore Cricket Club (SCC), known as the Royal Sporting Club (RSC), and hosts the annual Singapore Open.

In 1894, SCC cricketers formed a separate club called the Singapore Recreation Club (SRC) with cricket and rugby teams that competed in regional competitions such as Penang’s Merdeka Tournament and Selangor Cup. In 1992, both clubs merged to form what is known today as the Singapore Cricket Club (SCC).

In the late 1970s, SCC’s cricket team won several titles at regional competitions, including the Malaysia Cup. In 1978, they became one of four founding members of the Malaysian Cricket Association to compete for Malaysia’s domestic league.

There have been many other sports associations in the country. For example, the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) formed its first local association football team in 1895, known as the SFC Football Team today. It was one of Southeast Asia’s most successful soccer clubs before it disbanded in the 1970s.

The first local football league was established in 1915 with SFC as its seven founding teams with Tanjong Pagar United FC, Tiong Bahru FC, Singapore Recreation Club, Malay Football Association, and the Chinese Swimming Club.

In 1959, VJC’s footballers formed a new club known as Home United FC, one of Southeast Asia’s most successful clubs with five league titles to its name.

In conclusion, there has been a number of sports associations in the country throughout Singapore’s history.

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